I'm Brenna.

I'm a lifestyle photographer based in Denver Colorado. I have had a camera in hand for as long as I can remember and I am thrilled to spend everyday doing what I love!

A little backstory: I graduated from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs in 2020 with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I then jumped immediately into graduate school and graduated from the University of Denver in 2022 with a Master's degree in Website Design and Development. I work full time at a tech company and I love every minute of it. In my free time (or what little free time I have) I have built this company to pursue photography in a professional manner.

A note on my editing style: I believe photography is the best way to capture lasting memories. My goal is to capture the beauty of these moments as they actually happened. A common term for this is 'true color photography'. I like to capture the integrity of moments without changing the look and feel.

The Process

01. Connect

Reach out so that we can connect and get to know a little more about each other! If it is a good fit continue onto step two.

Share your story

02. Conceptualize

Discuss what you want your photoshoot experience to look like; what are the vibes and the emotions you want the photos to capture.

Develop Your Vision

03. Create

Book the shoot and let the fun begin!

Bring it to life

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